La Botica


Who We Are

La Botica ( meaning; Spanish variation of farmacia/chemists shop) is a concept brand, self/care pop-up shop and luxury candle atelier. Bringing together modern femininity, ritual and la cultura. Established as a curated space by artist, Dawn Marie West, La Botica encapsulates edits that evoke dreamy beauty, the effortless and undone. Dawn Marie created the brand, La Botica to curate all the possibilities for a chill, muse-worthy identity and lifestyle.


Working in the art and museum industry, Dawn Marie developed an innate ability to curate and design the ordinary, into conceptual objects. This along with the 'little things' as palo santo, an aromatherapy candle or her botanicals at home that are an integral part of her identity. 




A Note from Dawn Marie


Opening La Botica for me has been this concept of a space that is representative of my self-made sanctuary, brand and bringing in my Black & Afro-Dominican culture within the aesthetic nature of the gallery space. Working in the Art and Museum industry, my self-care took a back seat for a minute, and it was only when I would come home to my self-made sanctuary of aromatherapy candles, comfortable bodysuits, palo santo, a great bachata playlist - all the things that got me ready for Monday, that sort of thing. - It was then that I realized there are a lot of working women that can relate, and those little things we add to our environment are so necessary for personal growth and to continue being that force to be reckoned with. La Botica is curated for those to be able to escape, and chill for a little while.