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ISSUE 02. / Late Summer Minimal Makeup We Love.

BeautyDawn Marie West
Image via Pinterest.

Image via Pinterest.

We live for New York summers. The City is hotter than ever and keeping up the off-duty model look is essential. So how is it possible to stay summer beauty ready without feeling gross and using a ton of product? We found some summer makeup hacks that will keep your summer glow vibrant and minimal in the late-summer weeks. 


Double Up your Lip Balm.

This is the year of the glossy eye. Lip Gloss also made a huge come back. With some experimentation, we found our favorite lip balm, makes a perfect glossy eye with minimal effort. Simply sweep a tiny amount of balm along your lids, a quick pop up mascara and balm your lips for a perfect natural gloss that is subtle yet insanely gorgeous. One product and multi-use. Our favorite hydrating balm to use is the Basalt Basalt Original Lip Balm. (Find this Lip Balm in the Showroom). We also dig the Glossier Balm Dot Com.


We don't want no Scrubs, (Unless it's a Body Scrub.)

We have to talk essentials, before applying makeup, our favorite lipsticks, or even body products, it's essential to use a scrub to remove dead skin that is exasperated even more by the hot sun, free radicals, and of course, sweat. Gross right? Before adding your makeup, a face scrub to exfoliate and prime your skin is a perfect addition this summer. Make sure to do the same for your lips, we suggest the Basalt Basalt Lip Scrub (In the showroom) to get your lips soft and perfectly primed for any lipstick. We also are obsessively waiting for Ouai to drop the scrub-of-the-year. Theirs is a body scrub that also doubles as a scalp scrub (Which sounds insanely relaxing.) Scrub first, apply makeup second. You will find your makeup will apply smoother than ever. 

Brows above All.

If nothing else, we are convinced that perfect brows add the drama and neatness that transformed the entire face in a way that much of anything else can be simplified, especially for the girl-on-the-go. Use a brow pencil one shade darker than your hair, or a brow gel just to get your brows aligned. By sweeping your brows with your favorite brow gel/pencil, paired with a glossy lip, you will be surprised what a difference your look will be without ever being heavy. 

Image via Into The Gloss/Megan Ewing/Eric Fisher.

Image via Into The Gloss/Megan Ewing/Eric Fisher.

"Simply sweep a tiny amount of balm along your lids, a quick pop up mascara and balm your lips for a perfect natural gloss that is subtle yet insanely gorgeous."


Make your Lip Pencil your Eye's new look.

This one might just be our favorite for minimal makeup. Double your Lip Pencil up for your eyes. Similarly to the balm, we like to use our favorite nude/dust color lip pencil for our eyes for a hint of color on the lids while coordinating our lip and eye combo for the perfect day-time look. We also find this saves room in our bags so you don't have to second guess taking the clutch onto the city with you.